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LANforge Downloads

Demo and Trial Licensing

The software is fully functional and comes with a demo license that allows only two machines with one data generating port each or one machine with two data generating ports. Download links are below.

If you wish to trial the LANforge ICE WAN Emulator or utilize more LANforge FIRE ports, contact and we can expand your trial license. If you are a non-profit organization, a student, or part of an Open-Source project, you may qualify for a free LANforge license.

This software may be used for a trial period of 15 days, after which you must either obtain a non-trial license from Candela Technologies, or un-install and delete the software you downloaded. You may purchase a full license at any time during the trial period.

Quick Start Guide

You may want to read the LANforge Server Installation Documentation page completely before attempting to install! There is also an FAQ that may answer your questions.

  1. There is now an automated script that can download, install, and configure almost everything for you. See the Server Installation Documentation for details.
  2. For optimum performance, you should upgrade your kernel.
  3. Create a directory in which to place everything.
  4. Make sure the version of the GUI matches the Manager/Resource version.
  5. Download and read the release notes.
  6. Download at least one of the LANforge-GUI options.
  7. Download the Manager/Resource package.
  8. Optional: Download the Extras package, and unpack it in the same directory (contains kernel patches), or get a pre-built kernel (below)
  9. Optional: Download a pre-compiled Linux kernel (below), patched with the Candela patch-set. This enables Armageddon, virtual routers, and other advanced features.
  10. Configure your Operating System according to: LANforge Hardware Installation Guide
  11. Install the LANforge Software according to: LANforge Software Installation Guide
  12. Install the LANforge-GUI according to: LANforge-GUI Installation Guide
  13. Install demo licenses if required (see above)
  14. LANforge should now be installed!

For detailed instructions on how to install and use the complete LANforge software suite, please see the LANforge Documentation Page. If you have questions not answered there, send email to:

LANforge Software Releases

For optimum LANforge performance, and to enable all of LANforge's features, you should be running a LANforge Linux kernel. You can download the pre-compiled kernels, or you can build your own kernel using the candela patch (found in the LANforge Extras package under Optional Packages). For detailed instructions on compiling and installing LANforge Linux kernels, see the LANforge Server Installation Documentation.

NOTE: The LANforge GUI version and the LANforge Manager/Resource/Server version must match for the LANforge GUI to communicate correctly with the LANforge Manager/Resource/Server. See the All Releases link to find the all LANforge versions.

LANforge Release 5.3.8

Current Release Notes release_notes.txt
All LANforge 5.3.8 files Files

LANforge GUI Downloads

(Get at least one)
  Windows (32 bit)* ** LANforge-GUI-5.3.8-Installer.exe
  Windows (64 bit)* LANforgeGUI_5.3.8-x64-Installer.exe
  32 bit Linux* LANforgeGUI_5.3.8_Linux.tar.bz2
  64 bit Linux* LANforgeGUI_5.3.8_Linux64.tar.bz2

LANforge Manager/Resource/Server

(Get at least one)
Distirbution 32 bit (Intel x86) | 64 bit Linux (Intel/AMD x86-64)
For Linux (Fedora 24) LANforgeServer-5.3.8_Linux-F24-x86.tar.gz | LANforgeServer-5.3.8_Linux-F24-x64.tar.gz
  Windows LANforge-Server-5.3.8-Installer.exe
For Linux (Fedora 27) 64-bit Server
For Linux (Fedora 21) 32-bit Server    |    64-bit Server
For Linux (Fedora 20) 32-bit Server    |    64-bit Server
For Linux (Fedora 19) 32-bit Server    |    64-bit Server
For Linux (Fedora 17) 32-bit Server    |    64-bit Server
For Android (Contact Candela)
For Linux (ARM Platform) (Contact Candela)

Optional Packages

LANforge Virtual Appliance, OVA format LANforge-5.3.8-F27-x64.ova.xz
You will need the xz or 7zip utilities to extract.
LANforge OpenWRT for Netgear r7800 (beta) r7800-sysupgrade | r7800-factory
LANforge Extras (CLI scripting, kernel patches, etc) LANforgeExtras-5.3.8_Linux.tar.gz
LANforge-ICEcap Java Webstart icecapwebpage.php
LANforge-GUI source code lfgui-src-5.3.8.tbz2 (GPL)
LANforge-Attenuator firmware attenuator-1.6.hex.gz
LANforge-Attenuator source code attenuator-src.tar.gz (GPL/CC BY-SA)
GNU-server Source code, probes Ethernet devices gnuserver.src.tar.gz (GPL)

Pre-Compiled Linux Kernels for LANforge 5.3.8

If you do not wish to compile your own kernels, you can use one of the following. To install, un-tar the file in / and then change your /etc/grub.conf file appropriately.

Alternative Kernels

These kernels are older and may be used to work around regressions in the 4.16 kernel if regressions are found.

All Releases

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