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For Windows 2000: Registry entries for the W32Time service

The following are important:

  • NtpServer
  • Period (depends on how busy OS is doing other things - more busy need more syncing)
  • Type (NTP for btserver)

NtpServer : REG_SZ (optional)

Used to manually configure the time source. Set this to the DNS name or IP address of the NTP server to synchronize from. You can modify this from the command line by using the net time command. Value is blank by default.

Note If you enter multiple NTP entries you must separate the entries with a space. For example, if you enter two different IP addresses for two distinct NTP servers, you must separate the entries with a space. Do not use a comma to separate multiple IP addresses or multiple fully qualified domain names (FQDNs).

Period : REG_DWORD or REG_SZ

Used to control how often the time service synchronizes. If a string value is specified, it must be one of special ones listed below. If you specify the string value by using the numbers (65535 for example), then create the value as a REG_DWORD. If you use the word to specify the string value (BiDaily for example), then the entry should be created as a REG_SZ.

  • 0 = once a day
  • 65535, “BiDaily” = once every 2 days
  • 65534, “Tridaily” = once every 3 days
  • 65533, “Weekly” = once every week (7 days)
  • 65532, “SpecialSkew” = once every 45 minutes until 3 good synchronizations occur, then once every 8 hours (3 per day)
  • [default] 65531, “DailySpecialSkew” = once every 45 minutes until 1 good synchronization occurs, then once every day
  • freq = freq times per day

Type : REG_SZ

Used to control how a computer synchronizes.

  • Nt5DS = synchronize to domain hierarchy [default]
  • NTP = synchronize to manually configured source
  • NoSync = do not synchronize time

The Nt5DS setting may not use a manual configured source.

NOTE: w32tm on XP is different to 2K versions.

Start and stop W32Time service - needed after a registry change:

  • net stop w32time
  • net start w32time

Update registry:


net time /setsntp:[:ntp|server list]
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