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CT714B Stand Assembly

Goal: Fully assemble a stand for CT714B attenuators.

The CT714B attenuator can be assembled in a stack with a base and threaded rods.
  1. Insert rods until they stick out a bit through the bottom. screenshot
  2. Bottom view: screenshot
  3. Add nuts to all four rods on bottom side of plate. Hand tighten. screenshot
  4. Full view: screenshot
  5. Add one spacer to each rod. screenshot
  6. Full view. screenshot
  7. Add the first CT714B. screenshot
  8. Add another set of spacers. screenshot
  9. Full view. screenshot
  10. Repeat steps 4 and 5 until all CT714Bs are stacked. screenshot
  11. Add washers to all rods. screenshot
  12. Add wing nuts to all rods. screenshot
  13. Full view. screenshot
  14. Add caps to all rods. screenshot
  15. Full view. screenshot
  16. The nuts on the bottom can easily come loose during assembly. Tighten again as needed.

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