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TR-398 Issue 2 WiFi Testing with LANforge

The TR-398 WiFi Issue 2 Performance test plan by the Broadband forum provides a comprehensive set of tests to qualify the performance of WiFi access points (APs) to be deployed in residential and small office indoor environments. The TR-398 Issue 2 includes new test cases as compared to TR-398 Issue 1. The new test cases included in TR-398 Issue 2 are Dual Band Throughput, Bi-directional Throughput, 802.11ax-Peak performance and Automatic Channel Selection Tests. TR-398 Issue 2 includes 802.11ax station mode for all the test cases along with the existing 802.11n/ac modes.

See an example report auto-generated by Candela's LANforge test suite: PDF

Key Measurements


TR-398 Issue 2 Overview

Candela Technologies offers a fully automated TR-398 Issue 2 test system. All the required test hardware including multi station emulator, traffic generator, RF enclosures, turntable, programmable attenuators, and fully automated test software along with PASS/FAIL results are provided in a fully packaged, easy to use and affordable solution.

The test setup, testbed components and environment are all created as per the requirements in Section 5 of the TR-398 Issue 2 test plan document. Some of the components may be different than pictured depending on the options purchased. Please ask your sales representative for details.

The LANforge GUI provides integrated configuration and automation control for all the components of the testbed including the station emulators, traffic generator, attenuators, and turntables. The entire set of TR-398 Issue 2 tests, or optionally a subset of these tests, can be run with a single push of a button. An HTML and PDF report can be generated with a second button click when the test completes.

Includes these Building Blocks

Key Tests from TR-398 Issue 2 Document

Lead Times and Support:

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Lead Times: Four to six weeks.

TaaS/Onsite Support: Customers with only occasional test needs can use our Test as a Service option. Candela engineers can do the testing for you in our fully equipped test lab and provide a detailed test report with recommendations.

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