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Connecting with PuTTY

Goal: Using PuTTY on Windows to connect to LANforge Linux servers.

Lots of tasks, like scripting, can be done over SSH from your Windows desktop. Here are a few steps to help you customize your PuTTY terminal to work faster.
  1. Configuring a PuTTY Session
    1. When you double click on the PuTTY icon and it launches, you can start customizing your session preferences. We'll name this session jedtest screenshot
    2. Let's default the window to something large, like 120 columns and 56 rows. screenshot
    3. The Fixed font can be replaced with the Consolas font. screenshot
    4. Let's turn on TCP Keep-alive and set IPv4 as the default networking protocol. screenshot
    5. We login to LANforge resources with user lanforge screenshot
    6. Generating a SSH keypair is not difficult. Let's enter the path to our public key file. screenshot
    7. We have done our PuTTY config. Now back to the top Session screen, and click Save screenshot
  2. Configure Pagent with your public key
    1. Create your own public ssh key.

      For more information see WinScp Net

    2. Start Pagent. Configure it to load on startup.
    3. In the System Tray you will see the Pagent icon. screenshot
    4. Right-click the Pagent icon and click Add Key to select your key screenshot
    5. You will need to provide your pass-phrase to load your key screenshot
    6. We see a loaded key screenshot
    7. Here is our key, we will view the .pub file to copy out the public key. screenshot
    8. In a putty window you will log into your LANforge server and edit /home/lanforge/.ssh/authorized_keys
    9. Copy the text and place the "Comment" section at the end when you paste it into your ssh screenshot
    10. Here is the public key string, with newlines and spaces removed. The Comment text goes at the end. screenshot
    11. Check the permissions of the authorized_keys file. You might need to use the command
      chmod 600 authorized_keys
      to correct the permissions. screenshot
    12. The next time we load the jedtest PuTTY session we should not be prompted for our password.

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