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Windows IP Addresses

Goal: Find and change network ip addresses on Microsoft Windows.

Here are some techniques for finding and setting IP addresses on Microsoft Windows using the Control Panel and the command line.
  1. Find the IP Address of the Windows PC. There are two methods you can use:
    1. Using the Control Panel:
      1. Click Start, Run, control, [enter] screenshot
      2. Search and select Network Status and Devices screenshot
      3. We click on our device, Ethernet 3: screenshot
      4. Find and/or set the IP address: from Status, click Properites screenshot
      5. double click TCP/IPv4 screenshot
      6. you will see and can change the IP address.: screenshot
    2. Various DOS commands to find the IP addresses on the system:
      1. ipconfig and ipconfig /all
      2. netsh interface ipv4 show address
    3. Resetting your DHCP address via command line:
      1. ipconfig /release
      2. ipconfig /renew

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