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Windows MAC Addresses

Goal: Find MAC Addresses in Microsoft Windows.

Here are some techniques for finding MAC addresses on Microsoft Windows using the Control Panel and the command line.
  1. Find the MAC Address of the Windows PC. There are two methods you can use:
    1. Method 1: use the Control Panel
      1. Click Start, Run, control, [enter] screenshot
      2. Search and select Network Status and Devices screenshot
      3. We click on our device, Ethernet 3: screenshot
      4. Click Details... screenshot
      5. Details will show the MAC address (physical address): screenshot
      6. (Suggested) Set the IP address if you have not already.

        For more information see Finding Windows IP Address

    2. Method 2: use the DOS command-line. You want to correlate the IP address and MAC address of the Windows ethernet port:
      1. Click Start, Run, and type cmd, and press [Enter] screenshot
      2. Show interfaces by name with the command: netsh interface ipv4 show addresses screenshot
      3. (Optional) if you do not see results, you might need to start the network autodiscovery service: net start dot3svc screenshot
      4. (Optional) Depending on the edition of Windows, the command netsh lan show interfaces will display mac addresses. screenshot
      5. Show mac addresses with: getmac /v /fo csv
        (The CSV formatted command of the command ensures that we will see the entire name of the interface which can be trimmed short in the default output format.)
      6. These commands will make it easier to copy using notepad:
        netsh interface ipv4 addresses > ifnotes.txt
        getmac /v /fo csv >>ifnotes.txt
        notepad ifnotes.txt
      7. Now you can easily copy the values: screenshot

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